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Company History

1867 – 1903

Started by Andrew Pollock in 1867, in the smiddy at Cowgatehead, in Mauchline, the company developed into an implement works making several implements including Ploughs, Hay and Straw Presses, Reaping and Mowing machines, Potato Dressing machines, Potato Diggers and Drill Grubbers.

In 1875, came a medal from The Highland Society for the humble Barrow Wheel of iron.

1904 – 1914


1904 saw the company run by a team of trustees and Andrew Pollock’s wife, Martha, until such times as the two young boys Andrew and William could take over the running of the business.

Martha Pollock coped well with the business but took the decision around 1914 to relinquish the reigns of the company to her two sons, Andrew and William Pollock which from 1914, the company was known – A&W Pollock

1914 – 1981

During the war 1914-1918, A&W Pollock have thought to have manufactured munitions carts for the Government.  However, no Ministry of War records were available.

The years 1915-16 proved to be a very busy time for the Pollock Brothers moving plant and equipment from Cowgatehead to Station Road one piece at a time but still manufacturing at both sites.


1981 – 1998


In 1981, A & W Pollock became, John Pollock (Mauchline) Ltd to reflect the change in ownership of the business.  The early eighties were good business wise, with no retail department, our concentration was focused on producing automatic scrapers


1998 – Present

In 1998, the Pollock family would leave the business and John Pollock (Mauchline) would become Pollock Farm Equipment ltd.  Owned now by James McGhee a previous and long term employee of the business the company would again move.  This time to Lugar and into a far larger space housing a workshop, a factory shop and office spaces Pollock’s continues to thrive under new owners


Jimmy has written a book covering Pollock’s 150 year history, and the general history of agriculture in Ayrshire.

The Book will be release in time for the Royal Highland Show, details will be released nearer the time.