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Since the first Pollock Automatic Cleaning system was installed in 1963, over 4000 units have been installed worldwide, in research and agricultural establishments, abattoirs, market premises, and industrial and waste removal operations.

Wholly owned and managed by the Pollock family until 1998, and with a manufacturing history in Mauchline, Ayrshire going back more than a century, the company has received numerous awards for original design and construction.

Today, innovation continues to be the integral feature of a design philosophy which has made Pollock one of the best known manufacturers and installers of automated cleaning systems in the UK. We continue to be based in Ayrshire, the heartland of one of the most intensive livestock-rearing areas in Europe.

Our installations can be extended to cope with increased stock loading, adding new units and components as your business needs evolve. Our equipment can adapt to match the growth of your business – that’s why thousands of professionals trust the quality and reliability of Pollock Farm Equipment.

Planning makes all the difference. Our highly-skilled engineers offer expert advice on all types of manure disposal systems. From conventional arrangements for discharge to cross passages and slatted tanks, we can recommend and design the most system for your individual situation.

Primarily designed for dairy cows, Pollock systems have been modified and adapted to meet the requirements of beef cattle, pigs, ostrich sheep, rabbits, Buffalo and poultry. Whether your installation is direct or booked through an intermediary, we offer dedicated customer service and after-care, maintaining your equipment in prime running condition.